Israel Content Channels

 The company was informed from the passion to make content and 

specialized in making high quality, innovating, updated and relevant content.

In order to face the innovating world, the company divided into different departments and each one is focused in it’s line of expertise to reach the .highest level of professionalism  

הפקות וידאו ערוצי תוכן ישראל
הפקות וידאו ערוצי תוכן ישראל
הפצה ערוצי תוכן ישראל
הפקות וידאו ערוצי תוכן ישראל
NOW - The first internet Television in Israel

First of it’s kind Israeli Content Platform which develop, produce and distribute original television shows specially for the internet.

The company creates original shows in different areas of interest and in all sorts of genres – drama, documentaries, entertainment, studio shows etc.

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PILIM - Production House

“Pilim” (`elephants` in Hebrew) is a production house for visual content. We provide for our costumers solutions that integrate photography and cinematography with content. Our expertise is in making commercial videos for organizations. We produce movies for all the digital platforms, from commercials to instructional videos. We put in our first interest to make content that will drive the costumer’s crowd intro the video, and make them active with the messages that we try to push forward. 

“Pilim” has a Chroma-key (green screen) studio with the ability to make a multi personal shooting in a virtual space.

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Haus - Content House

Offering a professional and high quality service of content managing. The place of communication advisers, spokesmen, marketing mangers and strategic consultants was taken by the “Content” and that is exactly what we do.

In “Haus” the content feels in home. We will provide your organization or company all the content solutions that you need. 

You might missed it, but you organization is making interesting content everyday, what is left to do, is get it to your crowd.

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Culture Channels

Talents, The internet start are a integral part of the digital world. Our company find those talents in the Israeli community with a global thinking.  In this area and company deals with AR and PR, connecting between commercial organizations and the artist for commercials collaborations and funded creation of new content for the world.

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